Eat Walnut and Safe Your Self from Diabetes

American health experts said that by taking 56 gram walnut for at least 6 month make your blood vessels better and make you safe from other many disease.

Eat Walnut and Safe Your Self from Diabetes

American experts also said that reason of diabetes type II is shrinking blood vessels by this shrink age human body is unable to make hormones walnut having a large amount of fatty acids and vitamin E plus foliate. The interesting thing is that walnuts do not cause fatness while having a huge amount of calories in it.

According to the famous professor of Peel University in America walnut has positive effects for human health mostly for the heart disease. For the study of this purpose expert took male and females under the age of 25 to 75. These have advised to eat walnut for 6 month after two months. After 6 month They give break of 3 month while second group regularly eat walnut these all people have many disease like diabetes, more weight, high blood pressures, cholesterol and high sugar level in blood.

After this study experiment when the medical reports came they have much are from heart disease cholesterol, blood sugar and other diseases were recovered.

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