Look More Beautiful and Gorgeous on the EID

Every women wants to look beautiful in all time but special on every event this wish become so strong women makes every hard effort to look beautiful but it’s not possible to look so fair in one day. You have to make preparation before some days. If you want to look beautiful on this Eid use this tips and look fair in one week.

Look More Beautiful and Gorgeous On the EID

Dark spots damage beauty and attraction of face for dark spots take mango and jambolan’s seeds and make its paste in water and apply this paste on face.

For long time shinning hairs use tea water on hairs. It will make your hairy long and shinning.

For Beautiful and attractive face take ¼ litter of milk and one spoon lemon juice mix it in milk. Apply this solution on face in night and wash with light wan water in morning.
Make dark lips pinkish and for dry and rough lips take termid, mix it in one table spone lemon juice and mix it in apply 2-3 time in a day ilk on your lips.
For dark lips take coconut oil net mix with lemon juice and apply this on your lips many times in a day.

For dark circles make chart of one banana one papaya and one guava and apply daily on your eyes.

Some women have dark skin color and want to get rid take kalonji and mix it in milk and grind it.  Before    sleeping massage with this mixture on your face. In the morning wash your face with any good quality soap.
Some ladies have bad body fragrance which is unbearable for hear Sitting person. For good body fragrance take grapes water and mix it with rose water and for one month messages it on body.

For unhealthy Nails:-
For this purpose take one glass on warn water and 1 spoon of olive oil and 1 spoon of lemon juice mix it in water and take this solution for one week.

Usually hina has its own red color but to make it more dark color taka potato and boil it in water. And use this water while mixing melved after applying this mehndi color would be dark. 
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