Long Time Sitting Habit of Women May Lead Them Aged Early

Experts explore that those women who are habitual to sit for a longtime they are rapidly going to their old age.

Long Time Sitting Habit of Women

Study on women being us aware to this information that women are most willing to do rest, are internally more aged instead of their external view. But those women who are active and keep herself busy in different activities, they are having less aged sings.

University of California’s san dingo school of medicine diagnosed that those women who are habitual to do exercise and more active are safe from the different disease and from aged signs.

For old age the organelle which play major character is called “Telomerz” which stick on corners of chromosomes like cap this telomerz’s length is high during the young age, but this length is reduce by the lessen in age when a person reach at aged stage this telomerz become very short.

In American journal and epidemiology’s online magazine, Report mention that women who sit 10 hours in a day and more they regularly do less exercise and perform activities in 40 minutes, that is why the length of telomerz is becoming short rapidly which means they rapidly become aged than their old age.

Another cause of this oldness is that (examine by experts) women stop to perform activities after their special age and prefer more to do rest rather than work and different activities.

They can be getting rid from different diseases of ageness by doing more activities and work in different manner to safe her from laziness which leads them toward old age.

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