Home Remedies to Prevent From Bird Flue

When the winter comes it being diseases like fever, flue cough, and also health institute make us aware from bird flue but there is no need to worry because cure of bird flue (as well as other flue, cough) is present in your kitchen it is cheapest cure and known as “golden paste” in the world.

Bird Flue

It’s ingredients are as following:

  1. Turmeric  powder(60 g)
  2. Water (250 ml or one glass)
  3. Black pepper powder(3 tbs or 15g)
  4. Olive oil or coconut oil (70 ml)


PUT ONE GLASS WATER IN POT ONTO the fire when it becomes Luke warm, mix turmeric powder and mix slowly with spoon for 5 to 10 minutes until it changes into paste, remember the water should not be boil in whole method. When your paste prepared then mix black pepper powder and olive or coconut oil and when all ingredients become well mix, your golden paste is ready. Now take it out from fire and cet it cold close it in any clean boatel you can save it at least two weeks in refrigerator.


You can eat it one to two times in a day (2 tbs)with lunch and dinner you can also eat this “golden paste” by mixing in simple soup, vegetable soup or chicken soup or also can eat 2 tbs in luke warm milk before sleeping remember that you.

Should only eat 2tbs of this golden paste but if you take more quantity than 2tbs, then it is harmful for your health it’s use make your immine system more strenger in every season.

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