4 Meal to Get Active and Sharp Mind

4 Meal to Get Active and Sharp Mind
According to doctors first meal is breakfast and green vegetables and fruits can make you active and fresh.

Every morning we get up with alarm and get busy in routine life but whole day work demand concentration from us.

According to the experts if you take some foods on daily basis it will make you active and fresh. But as compare to coffee and tea it is more effective and better.

Remember that if you have active mind it doesn’t mean that you keep awake. Although it’s mean that your mind memory should be also good and your power of taking decisions should be good.

Apple: Apple has many fibers and sugar. Apple get dissolved in your body and releases glucose that’s help your mind to be healthy. It is proved in research that apple has an important element that reduces the swelling of brain tissue.

Daily use of apple makes neurotransmitter healthy and reduces Elsmere.

evakedo: evakedo is now available all famous stores in Pakistan. But it is imported from other countries. It has many fibers that increase the work and ability of brain. Special fats of its make brain organs healthy and active.

Green leaves vegetables: Dark green leaves vegetables produces sharpness of mind. It has folic acid and vitamins B9 in a very large number. The lack of it in a body can causes depression. Because its effect on chemical balance in body.

Breakfast: Yes breakfast is the first step to get sharp minds even porridge or rougher or egg the use of these things in breakfast can improve your shot time memory. Those people who take these things in breakfast show good improvement in exams.
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