Person who help and take care other live a long life

According to recent research of many universities “if old age people help other and take care of other so it is good for them and they get long life”.

Person who help and take care other live a long life

University of (B.E.C),(T.U.W.A),(B.K.H) and the institute of max plank discovered combing that” the old age people who take care of their nephew and nieces they live long life as compare to the other those doesn’t do this act.”

That’s why during the 1990 to 2009, it has been researched on 70 to 103 age people and it was said that “those old age people who look after their nephew and nieces get long life.”
Interesting thing is that 10 years before those old age people who took care of their children are still alive and those who did not do this act average of them has been died now.

It is also exposed in research that concentration and look after can avoid death. As well as those old age people who do not have child if they also look after other’s children so they can also increase their life days as compare to them those people who do not help anyone they can have 4 to 5 years of their life.

Although one of the psychologist in this research is rolf heart wig says that you should not think that this away to get long life. It is just good for health and good effect on feelings relief belongs to psychologist department of max plank institute he also says that there is good effects on hormones of your body if you look after and take care of children. 

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