Medically Advantages of Oranges

Oranges are available in Pakistan in large amount. Mostly people unaware from the advantages of Orange.  After reading this article large number of peoples use oranges, make their health good.

Medically Advantages of Oranges

It is proved by recent research those people their foot become paralyzes for some time. So, they should drink orange juice which enhances the flow of blood if they do not get result so they should drink regular at least three months. They will definitely get rid from it but its more use for the sugar patient may very harmful so in this way they should concern to doctor.

This fruit of nature rich in carbohydrate, fiber , protein, vitamin “A”, thyamin, vitamin “C”, folate , flavonoids, phosphorous and potassium.

Heart diseases: Vitamin C in orange stop the activity of harden the blood veins and also maintain blood pressure.

Protection from cancer: Anti Oxidants which present in orange protect DNA from damaging which is major cause of cancer.

Excretion of toxic material: Orange juice helps in detoxification it acts like a sweeper in a body and all the toxic and harmful material.

Increase number of blood cells: Vitamin B and Folate in orange, helps to increase the number of red blood cells and also make new blood.

Immunity: There is a unique system in our body called “Immune System”, Vitamin C make this system activity fast and stronger. Vitamin “C” also called” Ascorbic Acid” which works as anti oxidant which stop the development of free radicals and help to make new tissues in the body.

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