Lack of Sleep is Causing Harmful Effect for Country’s Developments as Well as Health

The research of this interesting but important research was “Read Europe “(American think lauk) and he researched in America British, Germany, Canada and Japan.


According to the research because of lack of sleep America is facing the loss of 411 billion dollars yearly. This money is the 2.28% part of American G.D.P According to the research report less sleeping effects on brain and body’s health because of this  performance of majority is effecting and it causes bad effect on national development.

Researchers says that averagely  in those people who take sleep less than 6 hours percentage of death is 13% high than those who takes 7 to 9 hours of sleep incomplete sleep is harm for not only human health but also for country’s development. Proficient of health said that to take complete rest (sleep) is very important for good health.

Lack of sleep causes fatness, high blood pressure, Diabetes and diseases of heart as well as it is harmful for country’s development you might be thinking that to take sleep is your personal Metter how it will effect country’s development”? You will be astonished to know that your (Sleep) rest is directly relate with country’s wealth for this purpose it is said in international research; “Why sleep is so important Cost for country development.” Was the topic of research.

In the result it is said that “Lack of sleep causes health diseases? In the result of this people have to take leaves from their work and offices According to the research average “Population (workers) of America takes 12 million leaves from their work. Except of this people are in large numbers who do not work with concentration due to the lack of sleep.

About this research researchers in the five countries observed the sleeping time duration of employees and there the affection of its on development.

Rend Europe’s research team’s head “marcophneis” state that our research shows that there are very deeply effects of lack in sleep limited time duration of sleep effects not only human health but it effect on national development as well because due to the lack of sleep Performance of person effected and average of death increases. Lack of sleeping of employees is also effecting japans’ development and it faces the loss of 138 million dollars yearly. There is wastage of 6 lacks working days due to the less sleeping.

German’s development is bearing loss of 60 billion dollars because of lack sleeping, workers of British are giving shocks to their country’s development with not taking enough sleep.

Majority of population in Canada is taking complete sleep but after that its economy is also compel to bear the loss of 21.4 billion yearly.

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