Just homemade drink and lose your weight

If you are facing heavy weight and fatness so try this homemade drink for just 4 days and your weight will be decrease for 4kg and 16cm of your belly size.

lose weight

Interesting thing is that “this drink is using for weight loss since a very long time and million people of different generation used this exercise daily and take balanced diet for ideal weight.

Ingredients are:

  1. 8 glasses (2 letters) of water.
  2. Normal size of cucumber (off valve)
  3. Small lemon
  4. ginger 1 tbs
  5. 12 mint leaves (Fresh)
  6. Dry mint leaves powder (1 tbs)

Now blend all ingredients properly and now dissolve it into water and refrigerate it. Take 4 to 5 glasses of this water in a day (shake well before use).

In start it is very difficult to drink it because of its prodigious taste but don’t be worried and in start take 1 glass before breakfast and after breakfast (after 2 hours) take another glass after that take some duration 1 to 2 glass in day.

You will fell change in your belly fat and change in weight after 2nd day of starting daily take exercise and take light diet with some procedure strictly for 4 days but after completing 4 days stop drinking this water.

This was specially telling you because nutrients said that “This drink has good effects on those people who were taking” balanced diet-and balance exercise (walk and jogging for 1 hour at least).

After completing 4 days this procedure. You can again start to drink (with 1 week gap). But be careful it will be not good for your health if you use it more than 4 days continuously.

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