Ginger Keep Your Self Healthy in Winter

Nature not only put cure in ginger but it is very beneficial in many ways mostly in winter.

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There are following important uses of ginger define under:

To Keep Your Body Warm:
Take some pieces of ginger and boil it into two cups of water then put few drops of honey and drink 2 to 3 times in a day. This method keeps you away from cold.

Keep Your Feet Warm for Longtime:
Use of ginger not only keeps your body warm but also helps to warm your feet. Take few pieces of ginger in water and boil it when the water begins cool put your feet in water for 15 minutes, repeat it two times in a day.

Use of Ginger in Flu and Cough:
Flu and cough are common in winter, take one table spoon of honey and add few drops of ginger juice use 2 to 4 times in a day.

Relief from Pain:
Ginger gives you relief from every kind of pain. Use ginger in your diet or take ginger‘s tea.

Ginger for Your Better Digestive System:
Ginger having the care of every problem in your digestive system, 1 gram ginger use, make your digestion faster and give relief from belly ach.

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