Get Rid From Scalded Head By Natural and Homemade Tips

Those persons who are facing hair problem like hair fall and scalded and are buying to get back hairs on their heads. To get rid of this problem they try different expensive treatments and waste their money. Although some cheap methods are available that is very helpful to grow new hairs.

Homemade Tips

These methods are equally useful for both men and women.

Onion Juices:

It is fact that, cutting onion brings tears in eyes is right but the onion juice is very effective for weak hairs and hair fall.

Natural And Homemade Tips

According to the health magazine, “Approximately one thousand people were facing hair falling when onion juice applied on their heads for two months, for two times in a day. 74% people got new hairs and damaged hair got repair and had unhealthy hairs to become healthy and rapidly start to grow.”

It is clear that after applying onion juice it should be wash in two hours get repair that had unhealthy hairs their hairs to become healthy and fast start to grow.

It is clear that after applying onion juice it should be wash in 2 hours and you should apply shampoo in little quantity because large quantity of shampoo can remove the effect of onion juice.


It is prescribed for beauty and freshness of skin but if you want strong hair then use the thick and green juice of alovera on your hair.


According to the experts: It is goal to use fresh juice of alovera on your hair them the sutured juice. Take a green piece of alovera and peal it take juice from this piece and apply it on your hair it will also give new shine and it will make your hair strong. But remember this when alovrea juice gets dry in your hairs wash your hair without shampoo just only with fresh and pure water.

Green tea:

Green tea from 6 months to 1 year daily use of green tea (2 cups daily)not only effective for good health but it also decrease fatness as well as it is very effective for hair.

Homemade Tips

There is no need to bell the best effect of coconut oil on hairs but must use pure coconut oil not any company made. It is necessary to use pure oil because pure coconut oil has all natural proteins that are very important to reduce dandruff and also effective to produce new hair and it makes your hair strong and shiny. For best result you have to use this coconut oil on daily bases.

For reducing scald head take flour and coconut oil and mix them. Then use the mixture daily before sleeping in night on your hair and cover your head with any good cap. In morning wash with any good quality shampoo.

6 moths to one year use of this treatment can not only reduce scald head but your hairs will be strong and shiny.

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