Easy Home Remedies to Make Your Skin Beautiful and Glowing By Milk


Experts suggested that if drinking milk is beneficial for your body then it’s direct use also can increase your beauty. These simple tricks by which your beauty can be inhance, are following.

Milk as a Skin Cleanser: Milk moisturizes your dry skin, clean your skin form dirt also pores of skin stop the activity of black heads make your skin glowing.

Use: A piece of cotton dip in the milk then rub it smoothly on the face roundly after 5 minute wash your Face by Luke Water.

Milk for Dry Skin: Milk is a unique moisturize for dry and damage skin. Use of milk make your skin moisturized and fresh for whole day.

Use: for best result take small amount of milk and blend banana in milk put this paste in your skin for at least half an hour then rinse through cool water.

Milk as a Scrub: Naturally the large amount of Alfa hydro-oxyacid (AHA) is present in the milk. This compound also use in expensive cosmetic object. ”AHA” removes dead cell form the skin and make it smooth, soft and glowing.

Use: you can make your scrub at home by mixing honey and milk. Then apple this scrub on your face for 15 minute then rinse it through luke water. You can find immediate result by this scrub.

To Vanish Dark Spots: Milk play an important role to, remove dark spot from skin because it is also “skin toner”. Lactic acid is present in milk which makes your skin smoother.

Use: take small amount of green tea and add similar amount of milk in it the dip piece of cotton in this mixture apply on your dark spots for 15 minutes. Repeat it 3 times in a week.

Milk for Sun Burn Skin: Protein which present in the milk make thin layer on skin this layer protect your skin from heat and sun burn, same as many people having rashes and swell ness on their skin by sun rays milk also protect your skin form harmful rays.

Use: Apply full cream milk (milk cream) on the face, oil in milk cream protect skin by sun burn and its cause.

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