Breathing Exercise for Your Peace and Self Confidence

Mostly, Successful people do this exercise when they wake up in the morning by this exercise they can inhance their abilities and this exercise takes only few seconds.


It is said by the expert kyrol  gescal and their collage that: If a person do this breathing exercise just for 3 minutes so person feel freshness whole the day and successful people make it their habit kyrol also said  that by this deep breath, every part and corner of brain receives oxygen. It decrease tension, and increase ability inhance your memory power but the result of breathing exercise may take some time.

Method of breathing exercise:

Either your eyes open or close take a long breath by imaging that energy go to our belly by passing your Chest then exhale very slowly by just thinking that you relief from your negative emotions and tensions.

After this exercise whole day your heart, brain and other organ connect with the flow of energy, make strong your will power decision power and self confidence in modern language this exercise also named “mind full breathing.”

You will note in mind full breathing make energetic yourself, fresh and active and you will receive positive effect in every field of your life.

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